About Us

Dear users,

I would like to explain to you in detail why we, as parents of four children, chose to create the online store "Le Bon Plan" offering products for children and parents. Our decision stems from our passion for children and our desire to share it with other families, while providing them with a convenient and enriching shopping experience.

As parents, we fully understand the importance of finding quality products for our children. We know that every parent wants to offer their children the best care, optimal comfort and items that stimulate their development. However, we also recognize the challenges parents face when looking to find products that are reliable, affordable, and tailored to their specific needs.

This is why we created “Le Bon Plan”, an online store which offers a carefully chosen selection of products for children and parents. Our goal is to provide parents with a platform where they can find quality, rigorously tested and approved products that meet their high expectations. We aim to be a trusted source, where parents can purchase with peace of mind, knowing that each item has been carefully evaluated for quality, safety and value.

By creating "Le Bon Plan", we not only wanted to offer an online shopping experience, but also to create an engaged community around parenthood. We are present on social networks, notably on Facebook and Instagram, under the name "Le Bon Plan". These platforms allow us to interact with our customers, exchange tips and ideas, share moments of joy and mutually support the challenges of daily life with our children. We want to be more than just an online store, we want to be a place where parents feel supported and inspired.

We know that each child is unique, with their own needs, likes and interests. That's why our online store offers a diverse range of products, from newborn essentials to educational toys, practical accessories for parents and much more. We want to help parents find everything they need to support their children at every stage of their growth.

By creating “Le Bon Plan”, we combined our passion for children, our experience as parents and our desire to simplify the lives of families.

We are excited to share this adventure with you and work together to support families on their parenting journey. Thank you for your continued support, which encourages us to grow and provide an exceptional experience for our customers.


The “Le Bon Plan” team