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Le bon plan



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Why choose our Baby's First Meal Kit?

Purchasing a baby's first meal kit like this can offer several benefits. First of all, the fact that the kit is made of non-slip silicone can make feeding your baby safer and easier, as the bowls and plates will not slide on the table or high chair tray.

Additionally, the kit includes a variety of items such as a cup, spoon, fork with a wooden handle and a bib, meaning you have everything you need to feed your baby. This can be convenient because you won't need to purchase each item separately.

Finally, the kit is specially designed for children, meaning the sizes and shapes of the bowls and cutlery are suitable for little mouths and hands. This can make learning independent feeding easier for your baby and can also make the eating experience more enjoyable for them.

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Here are our average delivery times:

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What is the quality of our products?

Our qualified workshop experts are committed to ensuring optimal quality at every stage of the manufacturing process of our night lights. Thanks to constant monitoring, we assure you that your purchase will be of impeccable quality.

In order to give you the best possible experience with our charming night lights, we regularly carry out quality checks to ensure their excellence.

What if my item doesn't suit me?

At LE BON PLAN, you take no risks! We understand that sometimes an item may not be what you expected, which is why we offer a 14 day return policy to exchange it at no extra cost. Plus, for added peace of mind, our 100% satisfaction or money back guarantee can be easily added to your purchase at checkout.

Did I make a mistake with my delivery address?

You have one hour to change the delivery address. If there is an error, please notify us by email with the correct delivery address within a limited time frame. A misdirected package can result in either it being delivered to the wrong location or a delivery failure. To avoid these situations, please act quickly. We would like to clarify that we cannot accept any responsibility for any problems resulting from an incorrect delivery address.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews

ótima qualidade, uma das melhores compras que já fiz no Aliexpress


Excelente conjunto! a ventosa é muito boa!! só solta se puxar a aba específica pra isso. O prato e a tigela possui ventosa. A cor é bem bonita, conforme a imagem. O canudo do copinho é fixo e o orifício de saída não é completamente aberto, evitando que derrame fácil.


Me ha encantado. Muy buena calidad. Y la ventosa tiene muy buena fijación en la mesa. Recomiendo este conjunto muchísimo. El vasito es bastante hermético.


Buen material, color y textura.


Producto de 10. Es súper bonito y material súper bueno. Es genial. Muy recomendado. El pedido ha llegado en 10 días