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THE TETRA TOWER: Fun and Educational Construction Game for Children from 3 years old

THE TETRA TOWER: Fun and Educational Construction Game for Children from 3 years old

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THE TETRA TOWER: Fun and Educational Construction Game for Children from 3 years old

Discover our THE TETRA TOWER construction game, a captivating puzzle designed to stimulate the imagination and development of children from the age of 3. Here are six functional and emotional arguments that make it a perfect choice for entertaining and educating young minds:

1. Quality and Safe Material:

  • Made from durable plastic , our THE TETRA TOWER building set is safe and durable, providing a safe play experience for children.
  • Delivered in a handy storage box , it keeps all the parts organized and within reach, making storage and transport easier.

2. Size Suitable for Small Hands:

  • With a reduced size , our construction game is specially designed for children aged 3 and over, offering a comfortable grip suited to their little hands.

3. Stimulates Cognition and Motor Skills:

  • This building game is much more than just a puzzle. It encourages image cognition , anti-frustration ability, logical thinking and fine motor skills in children, opening the doors to a world of learning and discovery.

4. Discovery and Adventure:

  • Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of THE TETRA TOWER, where each assembled piece opens new doors to children's imagination and creativity.

5. Satisfaction and Accomplishment:

  • Feel the joy and satisfaction as your child solves the challenges of this puzzle, enhancing their sense of accomplishment and success.

6. Family Complicity:

  • Create unforgettable memories by sharing family playtime, where laughter and fun await you around THE TETRA TOWER.

7. Security and Peace of Mind:

  • Enjoy peace of mind knowing that our construction set is designed with safe materials and meets the highest safety standards.

8. Child Development:

  • Promote your child's cognitive, social and emotional development by providing an enriching and entertaining learning experience with THE TETRA TOWER.

9. Creativity without Limits:

  • Spark your child's imagination and creativity by allowing them to build and rebuild endlessly with this versatile and engaging construction game.

Give your child the gift of learning and entertainment with THE TETRA TOWER, the construction game that opens the doors to adventure from the age of 3.

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Customer Reviews

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Bien surréaliste et la qualité que j'ai aimé, Mt fun


Produit d'excellente qualité! J'ai adoré!


Le produit est très bon. Nous avons commandé 64 blocs mais la base est trop petite pour 64 blocs. Les blocs supplémentaires seront utiles si nous en perdons, sinon vous ne pouvez pas tous les adapter sur cette petite base sans les faire tomber. Donc si vous pensez que vous ne perdrez pas de blocs, ne commandez pas 64 blocs et mieux vaut aller avec une taille de moins. Si vous voulez toujours un plus grand empileur, n'achetez pas ce produit. L'autre a l'air plus grand.


Un jeu très divertissant qui élargit la dextérité et ka coodinacion


Très agréable! Fun garanti!